Here’s a video I made back in 2009 with some training methods to do the pop-up or kip-up. These exercises are useful whether you do martial arts, gymnastics, dance or anything else that requires you to instantly pop up off the ground. This video is not made so you can watch and then go do a pop-up, but actually help you get it over time. They are simple yet effective exercises that have helped many of my students achieve their goal of being able to do a pop-up.

For me, it took hundreds of failed attempts before my first successful popup. Then another hundred or so before my second successful. For a while I still failed, but less and less between successful attempts until I reached the point that I could pop-up every time I tired. Why am I telling you this? Because some people will pop-up on the first try, and the rest of us will have to work hard, but over time it will pay off!

*As mentioned in the beginning of the video, I first uploaded this to my personal YT channel over 4 years ago (It’s still up over there). Because of it’s relevance to this channel, I have re-uploaded it here so you can get all your Sihing Kuttel in one place.

Tactical Arms II L

Tactical Arms II L

Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai.  :)

Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai. :)